Sharing the Power: Female in-house counsel provide business, mentoring for women attorneys

Women inside counsel can offer advice and business to outside counsel

Megan Belcher, Vice President and Chief Employment Counsel, ConAgra Foods, Inc. and Co-Recipient of the Sharing the Power Award

In 2012, Megan Belcher, VP and Chief Employment Counsel at ConAgra Foods, Inc. and Nicky Jatana, partner at the Los Angeles, California office of Jackson Lewis, LLP won the Sharing the Power award at the Transformative Leadership Awards. The award is presented jointly to “a women general counsel or senior leader in a law department and a female partner at a law firm who have collaborated to increase the economic empowerment of one or more female partners in that firm.” The work that Belcher did, as in-house counsel, to share the power with outside counsel, promoting female empowerment, was noted by the TLA awards committee. I recently spoke to her co-recipient, Nicky Jatana, about the concepts of sharing the power and female empowerment.

Jatana said she was honored to receive the award and it is clear that she understands the concept of sharing the power. When I spoke with her recently, she stated that award meant a great deal to her, but instead of focusing on her own accomplishment, she emphasized her message to female attorneys: “Be yourself, be who you are, and remember that relationships are important; they can be significant in ways you would not have envisioned at first.”

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