The fight over boardroom power ongoing

Icahn v. Dell is the most recent episode in the fight over how much power boardrooms should truly have

On Sept. 18, legendary investor Carl Icahn made waves with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, calling Dell Inc.’s boardroom a “ridiculously dysfunctional system.” Icahn attempted to make the case that Dell was overreaching its power, changing the rules on shareholder voting right before the vote was due to take place.

However, some detractors say that Icahn’s editorial is simply sour grapes, considering that he was on the losing end of the Dell buyout war. Columnists such as the Wall Street Journal’s Ronald Barusch believe that Dell’s moves were actually aimed at more inclusive voting, and that “Dell is an example of effective shareholder democracy. Just not one in which Mr. Icahn got what he wanted.”

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