Litigation: Emergency business litigation in IP: Copyrights, trademarks and patents

TROs and preliminary injunctions are essential tools to protect copyrights, trademarks and patents

Copyright, trademark and patent are three different legal concepts all based around the idea that a person or entity should have some legal means to protect their intellectual property (IP). In the modern business environment, intellectual property can be important assets owned by a firm, and no matter what form that IP takes, it is important that not only do firms have the ability to prevail in these suits in the long-run, but also have the ability to protect their IP while their claim is still pending. That is where a temporary restraining order (TRO) or preliminary injunction can be a truly essential tool.



A trademark protects the trade names and marks used by business. As firms often place a great deal of value in the goodwill and brand familiarity of those names, the use of those marks, or marks similar, can often be a serious problem that needs immediate redress.

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