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Attorney ordered to pay more than $4 million for unsolicited faxes

Gregory Turza charged under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for 8,430 faxes

The first fax machine was patented before the U.S. Civil War, but amazingly, the technology has lasted to the present day. There is one attorney, however, who probably wishes that the machine had died out a long, long time ago. That attorney is Gregory Turza, from Park Ridge, Ill.

On Aug. 26, 2013, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Turza to pay $500 per unsolicited fax that was successfully delivered from his office. That doesn’t sound too bad … until you realize that his office sent 8,430 unsolicited faxes, which equals more than $4 million in statutory damages. Turza owes $1.4 million in attorneys’ fees and expenses alone.

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