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Patent troll’s attempt to hide behind a typo fails

A three-judge panel sided with Newegg, shutting down Soverain’s claims.

The term “patent troll” has, perhaps unfairly, been bandied about quite a bit in recent years. While some experts believe that patents help spur innovation and protect the “little guys,” there are plenty who feel that non-practicing entities – companies that snatch up patents and produce nothing of substance – are indeed nasty trolls waiting under the bridge, ready to charge a toll to companies who cannot fight back.

Fortunately, there are companies like Newegg, which strive to be the “knight in shining armor,” ready to vanquish the vile patent trolls – even when they try to use sneaky tricks to draw out litigation. Such was the case with a bare-bones company known as Soverain Software, which extended a court battle over “shopping cart” patents for almost seven months on the back of a typographical error.

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