Staffing and resource optimization as a component of outside counsel management

Up-to-date technology should be an important component in staffing and resource optimization decision-making

In my last article, I discussed how an eBilling system supports core components of an outside counsel management program. Today, I will be discussing how technology can support staffing and resource optimization decisions.

An important component of an outside counsel management program is to consider what work should be sent to outside counsel and how it should be staffed. Philosophically, most departments will send work outside in one of three scenarios: when there is a need for special expertise, when there is overflow work and/or for routine work that could potentially be managed more efficiently by an outside organization because the organization has effective tools or processes. Some law departments are using data from their matter management and eBilling systems to analyze these situations and to determine if further refinement to outsourcing and staffing strategies can be made, thereby achieving greater cost savings or additional value for services retained.

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Rebecca Thorkildsen is a director of legal solutions with Pangea3. Leveraging more than 17 years of experience consulting to the legal industry on technology, management...

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