6 notable GCs in the news

General counsel sound off on gay marriage, tracking cookies, NSA surveillance and more

Defense Declined

“[We] are surprised that the Attorney General, contrary to her constitutional duty under the Commonwealth Attorneys Act, has decided not to defend a Pennsylvania statute lawfully enacted by the General Assembly, merely because of her personal beliefs.”

Secret Surveillance

"It's a tremendous boon to the rights of millions of ordinary Americans that the court has ruled the government can't summarily kick this question out of the public courts."

Testing Tussle

“They are clearly using the same processes we are using in our testing.”

Deferred Decision

“It’s disappointing the court had the opportunity today to say definitively that considering race in admissions is not justified.”

Antitrust Allegations

"Our proposals are meaningful and comprehensive, providing additional choice and information while also leaving room for future innovation.”

Browser Battle

"The [Do Not Track] flag has been hijacked. It is flawed as a tool for reflecting consumer choice because it is an open tool that anyone can manipulate.”

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