Roomba maker sues German companies for patent infringement

iRobot claims a German vacuum cleaning robot is ripping off the Roomba

It’s not exactly Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, but there’s a bit of a robot battle happening in Germany anyway.

iRobot Corp., maker of home and defense robots, filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Düsseldorf against five German companies for allegedly infringing on its patents for its most well-known robot, the Roomba, a little circular robot friend who drives around your home vacuuming up your dust. iRobot claims that Elektrogeräte Solac Vertrieb GmbH, Electrodomésticos Solac S.A, Celaya, Emparanza y Galdos Internacional S.A, and Pardus GmbH are infringing on several of iRobot’s Roomba patents with their own vacuum cleaning robot.

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