5 notable GCs in the news

General counsel sound off on NSA surveillance, gene patentability, "patient dumping" and more

Snooping Scandal

“The law authorizes the federal courts to order a company to provide information in certain circumstances, and if Verizon were to receive such an order, we would be required to comply.”

Patents in Peril

“The balance of our patent estate is still valid and enforceable.”

Supposed Settlement

“This is a testament to the old adage: Those who are talking don't know and those who know aren't talking.”

Hospital Horror

"The government didn't seem particularly outraged. It seemed pretty sanguine about the whole thing, which is why we need to dig deeper, find out how many people this happened to, what happened to them."

Terrestrial Tunes

“As with any innovative technology, we have encountered many attempts by the incumbent industry players to undermine Pandora’s mission to connect millions of fans with the music and artists they love.”

Alanna Byrne

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