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Regulatory: The do’s and don’ts of corporate internal investigations—Part 3

A primer on identifying your client and preparing for witness interviews

This is the third in a series of six articles on the “Dozen Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Internal Investigations.” Read the first and second installments.

As part of our series on corporate internal investigations, we have discussed the importance of developing internal processes that motivate employees to report compliance concerns, developing a process that ensures an efficient and thorough investigation, searching the right places for relevant information and ensuring that evidence is properly preserved. This segment addresses the importance of precisely identifying the client in an investigation (“Do Identify Your Client”) and thoroughly preparing before interviewing witnesses (“Do Come Armed.”)

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Sean O'D. Bosack

Sean O'D. Bosack is a shareholder in the Litigation Practice Group in the Milwaukee office of Godfrey & Kahn and a member of the White Collar...

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