5 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

Undercooked eggs, a celebration of Pee-wee Herman and three more strange lawsuits in the news

Pelvic Pain

When it comes to exercise, no pain equals no gain. But one New York City lawyer is suing his personal trainers after too much pain allegedly left him unable even to sit down normally. Neil Squillante says he told trainers at Focus Integrated Fitness—whose clients include pop superstar Beyoncé—that he “lived a sedentary life with minimal physical activity” when he first started training sessions there. The company’s owners, Gabriel Valencia and Joe Masiello reportedly assured the attorney that they would design workouts geared towards his fitness level.

Malicious Mower

A Mississippi man is suing the manufacturers of a riding lawnmower that allegedly cut much more than just grass. According to Everardo Garfias, who owns a lawn service company, he was riding the lawnmower when a swarm of yellow jackets began stinging him. Garfias’ day got even worse when he allegedly jumped off the lawnmower to evade the insects—only to have it run him over.

Fan’s Festival

Paul Reubens—better known as Pee-wee Herman—is no stranger to legal troubles. But this time Reubens isn’t the one in legal hot water; in fact, he’s the one threatening legal action against a fan who attempted to create a festival in his honor. Will Russell intended the Pee Wee Over Louisville festival as a celebration of the comic, complete with music and a Pee-wee-style danceoff.

Saw Situation

NewView Oklahoma, a nonprofit group that aims to assist the visually impaired, allegedly did more harm than good for one blind worker. Steve Theis, who is legally blind, is suing the organization after an accident with a power saw left him without one hand.

Egg Emergency

A Texas nursing home no longer has egg on its face, after the 5th Circuit ruled that the center did not violate any laws by serving its residents soft-cooked eggs. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) fined the Elgin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center after state inspectors discovered that the nursing home had served the eggs to five residents who requested them.

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