Technology: The ugly side of social media

A recent case concerning the famous Coyote Ugly Saloon highlights the need for policy implementation

Social media has become a tangled web of personal and business communications. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter originally contained personal matters, but now they have become a must-use vehicle for company public relations. Sixty-six percent of Fortune 500 companies have Facebook pages, and more than 70 percent have a Twitter account. Woe to the company that lacks a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the like, lest the masses be left alone to shape the company’s message or public image.

Companies also actively encourage their employees to engage in social media, treating that engagement as a pro-business opportunity. The logic is simple: The more positive interactions people have with a company’s name in social media, the more likely they are to have a positive view of that company in the business world. Through employees, businesses can communicate directly with customers in a way never before possible, introducing advertising messages, new products and services, and other critical information in a highly effective and personal way.

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Jake Koering

Jake Koering is a partner in the Litigation and Intellectual Property practice groups at Freeborn & Peters. A long-time technology addict, both professionally and personally,...

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