A primer on the keys to a complete cybersecurity incident response plan

Inside counsel that understand cybersecurity become defenders of their companies

Part one of this series provided a basic framework for today’s cybersecurity environment through an introduction to cyber-vernacular designed to provide legal counsel an opportunity to work productively with their chief information security officer and chief technology officer. An understanding of those basic concepts is critical to planning and coordinating an intelligent response to today’s cyber risks. Part two provided a discussion of a few of the major cyber-attacks that have plagued organizations. Understanding the nature of these recent cyber-attacks is a necessary step to manage and combat current risks. More importantly, you should be aware that the attacks are increasing in sophistication and continuing to evolve. The high stakes game of cat-and-mouse that is cybersecurity is played out every day and the mouse has gained much ground.

With the basic tools in your cyber toolbox and some explanation of how cyber-attacks are playing out, this final installment will discuss strategies to address today’s cybersecurity risks.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable Enterprise Target

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Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim is Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Guidance Software. He consults with corporate and government clients on e-discovery, privacy, and digital investigations....

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