A primer on 4 notorious recent cyber-attacks

Learning about past attacks can enable companies to combat current risks

Part one of this series provided a basic framework of today’s cybersecurity environment, as well as basic terms for legal professionals to understand in discussing and addressing the risks of security breaches. Now that you can talk some of the cybersecurity lingo, let’s discuss a few of the major cyber-attacks that have plagued organizations.

Headliner cyber attacks

3. Operation Aurora (IP theft). This cyber-attack was conducted by advanced persistent threats (APTs) with ties to operations in China. Google disclosed this attack in January 2010 following an attack beginning in 2009.

The attack’s primary goal was to gain access and modify source code repositories at high-tech, security and defense contractor organizations. The attack works through software configuration management (SCM) which tracks and controls changes in software. The Google breach aimed to both steal intellectual property (in this case, source-code repositories, which is the equivalent of stealing the secret formula for Coca-Cola) and covertly investigate state dissidents and their email and financial accounts.

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