Why building your personal brand is important

In-house counsel must solidify their identities and reputations through their work

This issue of InsideCounsel focuses on the continuing social media discussion. When your company views social media in a positive light (as an opportunity), it is always hyper-concerned about its branding and reputation. Those concepts win opportunities and consumers. Companies spend tremendous amounts of money solidifying brand and reputation through carefully crafted marketing material, and they fight with bare knuckles when that carefully constructed ideal comes under attack. How can you discuss and embrace these same concepts for you and your team?

It’s important to distinguish between branding and reputation. As in-house lawyers, reputation is the way others see us as a result of our actions (or inaction). Branding is how we convey to others what they are to expect when they work with us. It creates preconceived notions of outcome. Lawyers know that reputation drives us when we are at law firms and in our in-house practice. However, we rarely use the term “branding” as it relates to our groups, our department and ourselves.

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Stephen Kaplan

Stephen Kaplan is senior vice president and general counsel of Connextions, Inc.

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