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Game call makers in legal battle over realistic turkey call

Down-N-Dirty Outdoors accuses Knight & Hale Game Calls of copying its air-blown turkey gobble call

Two game call makers are embroiled in a legal dispute over highly realistic turkey calls that are popular with hunters.

Down-N-Dirty Outdoors says it created its new air-blown turkey gobble call in 2010, and applied for a patent on it in 2011. The air-blown call is said to be more realistic than other types of calls on the market, such as shake calls. Down-N-Dirty met with many competitors to discuss joint ventures, including Knight & Hale Game Calls, which Down-N-Dirty claims it met with three times in the fall of 2011.

Though many imitation products flooded the market after the call debuted, Down-N-Dirty claims that Knight & Hale dismantled one of its calls and copied the design for its “Hale Fire” call. Down-N-Dirty sued Knight & Hale, asking a judge to stop Knight & Hale from selling Hale Fire and seeking unspecified damages.

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