Cheat Sheet: In-house counsel’s guide to privacy regulation

Checking in on legislation, executive orders and the FTC’s creative enforcement strategy

The era when protecting consumer privacy was a simple matter is long gone. The digital age brought with it digital privacy problems, and using federal  laws written by Congress in a pre-digital era to solve today’s problems is like using a carrier pigeon to send an email. InsideCounsel’s March issue takes a look at the state of consumer privacy law today: the likelihood of new legislation, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) enforcement strategy and how the Obama administration is dealing with cybersecurity. On the following pages, we’ve got answers to some of the most important privacy questions facing in-house counsel today.

Can we expect Congress to take action on comprehensive privacy legislation?

What kind of regulation should we look for from the FTC?

Are there any areas receiving extra scrutiny?

What steps are being taken to address data breaches?

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