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Maintain control of your career when the unexpected strikes

Tips for dealing with sudden job loss

How did you react last month to the Carnival cruise ship engine failure news coverage? If you had a friend or relative on-board, you were probably keenly interested and certainly sympathetic to real discomfort suffered by the passengers. Otherwise, I suspect it simply caught your attention, if at all, as an unlikely and perhaps interesting predicament. Since a safe outcome seemed clear, many people reacted without much empathy, and I’m sure some even chuckled at a less than luxurious turn of events for leisure travelers.

This is what I thought about: inside counsel in mid to late career, enjoying good runs with stable employers. And I thought about the kind of phone call I get once or twice every month. It’s a call for help from an attorney who has been laid off but truly did not see it coming. Total unexpected engine failure in the midst of a seemingly smooth cruise.


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