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6 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

A dangerous package, an unloved child and four more of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

Mistaken Mail

A Massachusetts woman is suing FedEx after an unwelcome surprise delivery allegedly brought several drug dealers to her doorstep. Maryangela Tobin says that last October she signed for a FedEx package, believing it to be a birthday present for her daughter. Upon opening the box, however, Tobin allegedly found several bags of pot inside. She says she immediately notified FedEx and the police, who retrieved the drugs.

Lacking Love

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth is a $200,000 lawsuit filed by your 32-year-old child. Bernard Anderson Bey is suing his parents, saying that he is now homeless because they failed to give him the emotional support and love that he needed as a child. According to Bey, he ran away from home at a young age after being subjected to both verbal and physical abuse.

Premarital Pregnancy

Dangerous Device

Stolen Sperm

Talk about a surprise pregnancy. A Louisiana man is suing a Houston fertility clinic after an ex-girlfriend was allegedly inseminated with his sperm—and gave birth to a son—without his knowledge. Layne Hardin says that he deposited the sample at Texas Andrology Services in 2002, to ensure that he and his then-partner would still be able to have children following his vasectomy. In the event of a breakup, the sperm was allegedly to be discarded or given to his partner.

Perilous Patty

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