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Jury finds Bowlz chips don’t infringe on Frito-Lay’s patent for Tostitos Scoops

There’s room in this town for both bowl-shaped tortilla chips

Scoops or Bowlz? You can have your choice of either, now that a jury in the Eastern District of Texas has found that Medallion Foods Inc.’s Bowlz chips do not infringe on Frito-Lay North America’s Tostitos Scoops, though both are bowl-shaped, scalloped-edged tortilla chips.

Frito-Lay claimed that Medallion, which is owned by ConAgra Foods, infringed its patent on the process to make Scoops, and that it stole trade secrets after it hired a former Frito-Lay employee. The company also alleged that Medallion infringed its trade dress rights to the design of Scoops, as well as unregistered trade dress on the chip’s packaging.

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