5 notable GCs in the news

GCs sound off on music piracy, inflated credit ratings, a shortage of engineers and more

Ratings Rumble

"The government has not explained where the other $4.5 billion in alleged losses come from."

Spill Saga

“What is clear is that [gross negligence] is a very high bar, and we firmly believe the bar is not met in this case.”

Preventing Piracy

"Research shows that users trust search engines like Google to lead them to legitimate sites when searching for music, yet Google’s demotion program is not working.”

Peeved Publishers

“This bill would waste so much taxpayer money at a time of budgetary crisis, squander federal employees’ time with busywork and require the creation and maintenance of otherwise-unneeded technology.”

Extra Employees

“The biggest gating factor on the industry’s ability to keep innovating and keep producing more products is the ability to hire more engineers.”

Alanna Byrne

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