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The art of GC peer networking

How Connectors help busy general counsel meet

There are dozens of events throughout the year around the country offering inside counsel opportunities for continuing legal education (CLE), broad based networking and dialogue with service provider sponsors. All of these conferences, seminars and luncheons have merit, but at the general counsel level they can be frustrating. General counsel at non-exclusive events are kind of like rock stars. Except, instead of seeking autographs, attendees who meet a general counsel are often seeking job interviews or sales-related introductions.

Many general counsel crave peer-level networking. They want private opinions on how to handle sensitive situations, and they do seek recommendations on best practices and outside services. Mainly, though, I think general counsel simply enjoy each other’s company, as only their peers can truly empathize with the pressures and responsibilities of the role. No doubt each general counsel has his or her small group of peer-level friends for informal conversation. But to meet and get to know a broader base of peers, well, that’s where a connector comes in handy.


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