Quiz: How well do you remember January’s top legal stories?

Test your knowledge of some of the most significant—and strangest—legal events of the past month

The first month of 2013 is already over, but before turning the page on January InsideCounsel took a look back at some of the most significant, or simply bizarre, legal stories that topped the news last month. How well do you know your legal news?


a. Securities and Exchange Commission general counsel Mark Cahn

2) Which of the following companies purchased some of bankrupt Hostess’s brands this month?

a. Aunt Millie’s Bakeries


c. Flowers Foods

3) Why is the Department of Justice considering suing Lance Armstrong?


c. The DOJ might join a lawsuit brought by one of Armstrong’s former teammates, claiming Armstrong defrauded the government when he accepted sponsorship money from the U.S. Postal Service, only to turn around and fill his blood with drugs.


b. AIG

5) True or False: The 7th Circuit upheld the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s controversial right-to-work law, the same law that led to the attempted recall of Governor Scott Walker.


6) January wasn’t a great month for fast food chains, several of which faced litigation from angry consumers. Which of these restaurants was not the target of one of the following lawsuits last month?


c) Taco Bell, for allegedly stealing the idea for its famous Chihuahua mascot from two Michigan men

7) The National Football League made headlines this month when it was revealed that the league had pressured an Indiana man to relinquish his trademark on what term?


a) “Harbowl”

8) Last week, a Brooklyn judge ruled that a mother of five must pay upwards of $20,000 to settle a disputed retainer agreement with her law firm. What explanation had the woman offered the court for her failure to pay the fee in question?

a) One of her children had spilled juice on the agreement, making it unreadable


b) Her “memory was shot” from the stress of raising her kids


b) President Obama made the appointments when the Senate was technically still in session

10) In early January, the Supreme Court set a date to hear arguments on what controversial issue?


d) Gay marriage

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