Judgment concerning News of the World’s Andy Coulson has implications for employers

News International must pay Coulson's legal fees; case reminds employers to draft indemnities tightly

In his ongoing half-decade of Downing Street highs and Scotland Yard lows, Andy Coulson won a modest victory in November 2012. The judgment that it came in could have larger implications for employers.

Coulson rose from teenage reporter to editor of News of the World, the Rupert Murdoch-owned News International tabloid from which he resigned in 2007 after what seemed like a limited phone-hacking scandal. (It landed a reporter and an investigator working under Coulson in prison.) Coulson seemed to emerge unscathed, moving on to become director of communications for the U.K.’s Conservative Party, which David Cameron led at the time. When Cameron became prime minister in 2010, he took Coulson along with him. 

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The court of appeal disagreed with the London high court’s ruling. 

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