Parent company’s litigation keeps tech site from giving Dish Network an award

CBS stepped in and told CNET to remove the Hopper from consideration

Dish Network Corp.’s Hopper digital video recorder (DVR) has a feature called “AutoHop,” which allows the user to automatically skip all commercials during a show with just the touch of a button. It does this by recording all broadcast channels continuously. Unsurprisingly, this has broadcast companies up in arms—CBS, Fox and NBC all filed lawsuits against Dish Network over the technology in May.

But however rankling the Hopper might be for the companies, it’s pretty awesome for the user who is tired of car insurance commercials and just wants to watch her show. So it’s not surprising, then, that tech website CNET wanted to give the Hopper a “best-of” award at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. According to BuzzFeed, “the Hopper was given a best-of award by nearly every publication handing them out this year.”

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