The 21st century corporate secretary

How technology has helped corporate secretaries ride the wave of transformation and advance their role in the corporate law department

Technology has been a key enabler in the expanded role of the 21st century corporate secretary’s office. Today’s corporate secretary is an active adviser to management for a wide array of matters, including corporate governance, board of director requirements, entity and subsidiary management, and compliance with corporate-related federal and state laws and regulations. This well-documented evolution from the corporate secretary’s original function as minute-book and records keeper has been largely driven by a steady stream of regulations, an increasingly complex global business environment and the need to interact with a wider array of constituents and stakeholders. In addition, corporate secretaries have had to perform their broader role with the same or less resources. Leveraging technology was the most obvious answer to meeting this complex challenge.

Transformational Compliance and Governance Technologies

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Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland is a Senior Product Manager within CT Corporation’s Compliance and Governance business line. His perspective on the application of technology within the enterprise...

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