Protecting copyrights for films is a picture perfect position

As GC of MPLC, Julie Maresca found her dream job in the high-profile film industry

There are two hobbies in life that Julie Maresca loves: traveling and film. So it’s not surprising the Beverly Hills, Calif., native paved a path for herself that would ultimately incorporate both passions into a successful career. But it wasn’t intentional, nor was it a direct route.

Although she discovered early on that she had an interest in law and business, as an undergraduate student in the 1980s, Maresca studied history. After graduating, she spent a year working before taking the LSAT and heading to law school. Once there, her intention was to focus on business law. “But in those days, law school was really geared toward litigation,” she says. And when she graduated from law school, her business interests got pushed aside, and she headed to the Santa Monica Courthouse focusing on litigation. After a year there, she had the opportunity to go into private practice, but at that point, it just didn’t feel right. 

Q: What’s a typical day in your life?

A: Most of my work is in the mornings and late evenings. Before I go to bed, I get things out to Europe. Whenever I need to make phone calls, that has to be the first thing. Last night I wanted someone to review something, so I am sensitive not to waste full days in Europe. I don’t like delays. And then, back in the U.S., I manage corporate housekeeping matters, make sure our books are in order, our meetings are taking place, fees are paid, managing minutes, etc. Also, we are working on different copyright issues, and that is a big part of my day.   


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