Libraries win in Google Books infringement suit

Judge says libraries didn't infringe copyrights

The facts may sound familiar. A group of major research libraries allowed Google Inc. to digitize millions of books in their collections. The digital copies were used to enable online searches of the books’ contents. Then, The Authors Guild sued for copyright infringement.

This lawsuit, however, isn’t against Google. Nor does it concern the Google Books project, Google’s plan to enable users to search the text of millions of digitized books and then read relevant snippets from many copyrighted books.

Fair Factors

HathiTrust is an organization of some 60 non-profit research and university libraries, including the University of Michigan, Indiana University, the University of California, Cornell University, Harvard University, Yale University and the New York Public Library. Many of these libraries worked with Google to digitize their collections. The libraries then put their copies into a shared digital repository that HathiTrust managed. 


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