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In-house counsel should find their place inside the ever-changing business arena

As in-house legal resources continue to remain fixed or even dwindle, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed. This feeling is exacerbated when we pursue multiple legal disciplines and areas of practice. The economic situation at large is so fluid, and our business clients must rapidly react. Many companies are still downsizing, so our business partners, their reports and sometimes the legal department itself may operate in fear.

Fear rarely results in good decision making in the business arena. The organization may try to force issues or take a unit in directions that are not beneficial to the company, or it may stir up larger risks of which it may be unaware. In some circumstances individuals may simply ignore the risks in the face of mounting pressure for financial performance. Simply put, people will push the envelope.

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Stephen Kaplan

Stephen Kaplan is senior vice president and general counsel of Connextions, Inc.

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