Microsoft, Motorola Mobility seek to keep trade secrets private after trial

The companies discussed business plans and licenses during patent dispute

The patent wars between technology giants have been raging for a while, and Microsoft Corp. and Motorola Mobility (which was acquired by Google Inc. in May) want to make sure their trade secrets don’t leak as a result. A week-long trial took place in November to decide what rates Microsoft should pay to Motorola in order to use standard, essential wireless technology in products such as the Xbox.

The companies presented post-trial briefs to District Judge James Robart on Friday, requesting that certain parts of their post-trial submissions stay under seal, and that those same details be redacted from the public record. They want to keep the terms of Microsoft’s business plans and Motorola’s third-party licenses secret, which they argue would be consistent with the court’s conduct during the trial. Robart cleared the court whenever such trade secrets were discussed.

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