5 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

Hemingway’s cats, an exploding ice cream scoop and three more strange lawsuits in the news

Scoop Shrapnel

A woman looking for a sweet treat got an unappetizing surprise when the ice cream scoop she was using allegedly exploded. Angela Carlson says she was washing the scoop, which was manufactured by the Zeroll Co. and distributed by The Pampered Chef, when “the end cap … suddenly and unexpectedly exploded off the base of the product.”

Trucker Translation

A Utah truck driver has filed a federal discrimination suit against FedEx, claiming that the company had him fired because of his Russian accent. Ismail Aliyev says that several months after he started work at GNB Trucking Co., which owns and operates FedEx-branded trucks, a weigh station in Iowa gave GNB a citation because of Aliyev’s inability to communicate clearly in English.

Deceptive Diamonds

It’s that time of year again: the time for cheesy jewelry commercials to take over the airwaves. But one of those commercials isn’t just cheesy—it’s deceptive, at least according to Sterling Jewelers Inc. The Akron-based retailer, which owns Kay Jewelers and J.B. Robinson Jewelers, is targeting ads from its rival, Zales Corp., in which the latter claims that its Celebration Fire diamond is “the most brilliant diamond in the world.”

Lacking Legos

His lawsuit involves toys, but William Probert isn’t playing around. The Connecticut man is suing Toys ‘R’ Us, claiming that the retailer promised to include free LEGO building sets worth $15 each with his order of four additional LEGO sets, only to swap the pricier toys out for cheaper substitutes, such as a magnet and a Christmas tree figurine.

Federal Felines

Apparently Big Brother has jurisdiction over Papa’s cats, according to a recent 11th Circuit ruling that gave control of felines at Ernest Hemingway’s Key West estate to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The cats—which are famous for their unusual six toes—have helped to draw visitors to the writer’s house for decades.

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