Technology: 4 important issues to address in the brave new work world of BYOD programs

Companies should consider liability, privacy and data protection concerns before allowing employees to use personal devices for work

Across America, corporations are allowing employees to use personal devices to perform work and access corporate networks. These initiatives, commonly known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, are being driven by factors such as purported cost savings (companies can buy or lease fewer computers if employees use personal devices for work) and greater employee choice (rather than being forced to use a standard company-issued computer, an employee can use a personal device more suited to his work habits). However, before implementing a BYOD program, companies need to understand and address certain legal issues.

1. Employer liability

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Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor is a Senior Counsel in Moore & Van Allen PLLC’s Intellectual Property practice group and its Commercial & Technology Transactions practice group. 

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