Before you can shape government policy, you have to know your audience

Figure out who is making the rules your company abides by—that is who you need to know to make a difference

When we first started to focus on policy development at Go Daddy, the company was quite small and there was no corporate history to review to determine what approach the company had taken in the past. Instead, the management team left it to me to determine what needed to be done. They were all busy growing the business and making products. As a person who likes to be in charge and make things up from scratch, this was ideal. I would get to write the playbook, step by step.

What I learned, by trial and error, was that I needed to know who could make a difference in the Internet policy world, and who I needed to know to get things done. It didn’t take long to understand that who you need to know depends on the space in which you exist.

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Christine Jones

As Go Daddy’s first in-house lawyer, Christine Jones built the legal department from the ground up. In her more than ten years there, Ms....

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