7 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

A sexy Big Bird costume, an “incredibly ugly” baby and five more of the strangest lawsuits in the news

Ersatz Earrings

All that glitters is not gold, at least not at Macy’s Inc., according to a federal class action lawsuit that accuses the retailer of falsely advertising its jewelry. Natalya Barsukova filed the suit, claiming that she purchased a pair of $129 Macy’s earrings that were labeled “fine gold.” When the earrings later became tarnished, she took them to a jeweler, who informed her that they were actually sterling silver coated in gold alloy. Barsukova argues that Macy’s advertising violates Federal Trade Commission rules; she is seeking punitive damages as well as refunds for customers who bought “gold” or “fine gold” jewelry that was actually made of sterling silver.

Contaminated Coke

A Kansas City woman is suing a store that sold her Coca-Cola with an unexpected additive. The good news: It wasn’t a suspected carcinogen. The bad news: It was a laxative. According to authorities, an assistant manager at a Family Dollar store tried to play a prank on a fellow employee known for stealing food by putting 25 laxative tablets into two Coca-Cola bottles and leaving them in the employee refrigerator.

Sexy Sesame Street

As if Big Bird didn’t have enough to worry about after the first presidential debate, the oversized avian is now at the center of a legal battle between Sesame Street Workshop and the makers of a sexy Big Bird Halloween costume. Online retailer Yandy.com’s “Exclusive Yellow Dress and Stockings” costume consists of a short yellow dress, thigh-high stockings and Big Bird feet, which customers can wear with a licensed Big Bird headband.

Peeved Parents

Many people find yoga relaxing, but some school-sponsored yoga classes are having the opposite effect on a group of California parents, who claim that the lessons constitute religious indoctrination.

Dangerous Delivery

Childbirth is notoriously unpleasant, as is catching on fire. One Minnesota woman was unlucky enough to experience both simultaneously, and she sued both the hospital and her obstetrician in the wake of her ordeal. Kira Reed was undergoing a cesarean section in March 2010 when a surgical tool apparently ignited the alcohol-based DuraPrep antiseptic on her skin, causing her abdomen to catch fire.

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