Reviewing 5 of October’s top stories

New Yorkers fight the city’s soda ban, Douglas Arnsten and Rajat Gupta receive their sentences and three more continuing cases in the news

Super-Sized Sodas

New Yorkers suffering preemptive sugar withdrawal can take some comfort in a legal challenge filed this month against the Big Apple’s impending city-wide ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

Marriage Melee

In May, a three-judge panel of the 1st Circuit ruled unanimously that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies federal recognition to same-sex marriages, violates the constitutional right to equal protection. Although many gay marriage proponents welcomed the decision, the court kept its opinion very narrow, ruling neither on whether gay couples have a constitutional right to marry, nor on whether states that outlaw gay marriage can be forced to recognize same-sex unions performed in other states.

Continuing Conflict

Apple Inc. won a huge battle in its patent war with Samsung Electronics Co., but the global war rages on. On Aug. 24, a U.S. jury ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion in damages for infringing Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Significant Sentences

This month saw the sentencing of three men whose trials have been making headlines for months: Jerry Sandusky, Douglas Arntsen and Rajat Gupta. Jerry Sandusky was the first to learn his fate when, on Oct. 9, Judge John Cleland sentenced the former Penn State assistant football coach to 30 to 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sexual abuse. “That has the unmistakable impact of saying, clearly, for the rest of your life,” Cleland told Sandusky, who is 68. “You abused the trust of those who trusted you. ... The crime is not only what you did to their bodies, but your assault to their psyches and souls.”

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