6 notable GCs in the news

General counsel sound off about voter ID laws, X-rated litter, work visas and more


“It’s never OK to share information in an internal memo EVEN if the company issues public communications about the same subject. We will fire employees who leak company confidential information and we will avail ourselves of all other legal remedies to protect those confidences.”




“If someone takes some material, regardless of what it is, and then walks down the street and decides to drop it, that’s the person who is littering. That’s the person that is responsible, not the person who gave it to them originally.”


“We were not fooling ourselves into believing there would be no incidents.”


“Judge Simpson should have held strong to his prior convictions and the rule of law, rather than bending to the race baiters and fraud enablers. The ACLU’s case relied on flawed data, racial rhetoric and plaintiffs who should have been excused since they can all obtain photo IDs.”


“For 700 years in Anglo-American law, the use of property—collateral—to secure a loan was a contract that would be honored.”

Alanna Byrne

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