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E-discovery by the numbers

How to assess the return on investment of e-discovery

This is the first of three articles to assist with cost factors and ROI for e-discovery.

Assessing e-discovery costs can be challenging. Compared to outside legal fees or offers of settlement, the value isn’t always transparent. So it may be useful to assess e-discovery technology by return on investment (ROI).

You also need to know the total and the average sizes of mailbox and files per custodian. Can you make some assumptions about what percentage of ESI is likely to be responsive?

What’s more, how will you review for production? Will it be one pass by law department staff or multiple passes by outside counsel or contractors? What is the average cost per hour, and what is the estimated average rate of review?

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Chuck Kellner

Chuck Kellner is Senior Vice President, Advisory & Engineering Group, D4, a national leader in litigation support and e-discovery services to law firms...

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