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Q&A: Vicki O’Meara, Pamela L. Carter Award

The executive vice president and president of Pitney Bowes Services Solutions reflects on her career

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Age: 55

Q: Now that you are in a good position in your career, what have you done to help younger women with their law careers?

A: I’ve done that all along. Since I’ve been helped so much by colleagues I’ve always made extra time to, formally and informally, either through groups that I’ve been a part of or informal networks, I’m able to help in any way I can. It’s been everything from referrals of job openings and opportunities to people, either pushing them or encouraging them to do something, or giving their names to people and they ended up being picked. Helping women in all my places of work, I’ve kind of participated in forming or leading networking groups for women to support each other, and I’ve done that all along and still do that.

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