Q&A: Christine Edwards, Mary Ann Hynes Award

The Winston & Strawn partner is a woman of many firsts

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Age: 59

Q: Who were your mentors as you were advancing through your legal career?

A: I’m really very, very lucky. I had a lot of mentors throughout my career. Some people tell me it was because I adopted them. But there were various people throughout my career who basically took me under their wing, taught me what I should be doing and helped me think strategically about my career.

Q: What is your proudest moment as a lawyer?

A:  One would be an in-the-moment pride, and one is a retrospect pride. For the former, it’s when a woman who worked for me immediately after graduating from college in Washington, D.C., came to me for career advice, and I really encouraged her to pursue law school. My proudest moment was when she became the general counsel of a large, public financial services company. I can’t tell you how proud I was that day to know that we had known each other and worked together. She’s still very much a friend. As for retrospect pride, it is thinking about the fact that I could create a scholarship to help other women who want to pursue business law. Having people out there who can say they’re Christine A. Edwards scholars makes me proud.

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