Zynga countersues EA, claims copyright lawsuit violates hiring agreement

The gaming companies are feuding over Zynga’s alleged rip-off of EA’s game “The Sims Social”

Last month, gaming company Electronic Arts Inc. sued its rival Zynga Inc. for copyright infringement, accusing it of ripping off EA’s game “The Sims Social” with “The Ville.” On Friday, Zynga fired back with a countersuit that claims one element of EA’s original case violates a deal between the two companies that restricts Zynga’s ability to hire EA employees.

In the claim in question, EA accused Zynga of obtaining private information about “The Sims Social” when it hired three EA employees shortly before it launched “The Ville.” In its filing, though, Zynga is calling shenanigans, saying that its 2011 deal with EA in which Zynga agreed to restrictions on its soliciting of EA employees also included a provision that prevented EA from filing legal claims surrounding Zynga’s hiring practices.

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