The 5 vital components of a successful custodian interview

How to properly set the stage for the e-discovery process with your interview

Custodian interviews have always been an important aspect of the litigation process, but in the digital age, they are more critical, and more technical, than ever. Information gathered during custodian interviews sets the stage for the entire e-discovery process, supports the development of a detailed data map and aids in preparation for Rule 26(f). Thus, when your company anticipates litigation, your  legal department must initiate a litigation hold and conduct custodian interviews, which consist of five vital components.

1. Background data

4. Compliance with policies

Compliance is more important now than ever in the e-discovery context. Corporations must have solid policies and documented procedures in place to manage today’s onslaught of electronic data, and the custodian interview is an opportunity to gauge how well an organization deals with this issue.

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Wayne Wong

Wayne Wong is a managing consultant in the Kroll Ontrack ESI Consulting group. In this role, Wong ensures litigation preparedness for clients through the creation...

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