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Progressive settles with family of deceased policyholder in wake of PR disaster

Insurance company’s handling of claim sparked consumer outrage

There’s a reason why Flo—the perky face of Progressive Corp. insurance company—has been unusually quiet on her Twitter account during the past week.

Last week, Matt Fisher wrote a scathing blog post titled “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court” in which he explained that his sister Kaitlynn was killed in a June 2010 car crash when Ronald K. Hope III, an underinsured driver with a Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. policy, ran a red light. Kaitlynn had a policy with Progressive that covered the actions of uninsured or underinsured drivers that caused injury or death up to $100,000. Nationwide paid the Fishers $25,000 after the accident, and the Fishers believed they were due $75,000 from Progressive. The Fishers sued Hope, hoping that if a jury found him negligent, Progressive would make good on its policy.

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