The benefits of an in-house discovery team

Tips and technology tools that can help you assemble an internal group

Online Exclusive: 5 tips for creating an in-house e-discovery team

The e-discovery monster continues to grow and become more unwieldy by the day. Rising mountains of data that now are reaching into the proverbial and literal clouds coupled with scores of lawyers willing to fight to the death over search terms, production requirements and who will bear the ignominy of the incredible costs have added fangs and warts to this demon. But there is another weapon, perhaps underappreciated, for legal departments to add to their arsenal—their own crack group of in-house e-discovery warriors.

Outside Assistance

Outside counsel also play a role in the development and ongoing function of the team. Although outside counsel have varying degrees of e-discovery savvy, they can be extremely helpful, especially with their knowledge of case law and ability to provide background about similar organizations in the marketplace.

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