How in-house lawyers are using social media

More lawyers of all ages are using online tools to research, expand networking opportunities

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In the past decade, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other online tools have flourished. And as the business world continues to embrace them, these new media platforms are transforming from mostly trendy social realms into professional networks brimming with information and opportunity.

Going Mainstream

One of the most notable findings from the survey is that lawyers’ new media use is becoming more mainstream in terms of age. Older lawyers are consuming more content online than they did two years ago, when the first version of the survey debuted.

Blog Enthusiasm

According to the survey, more in-house counsel are turning to blogs for industry information and ideas.

LinkedIn Prevails

When it comes to social media sites, the survey found that in-house counsel ranked LinkedIn as the most credible network for professional use. The majority of counsel who responded to the survey said they use LinkedIn at least weekly, and respondents older than 50 have doubled their usage since 2010.

Silent Audience

People outside the legal industry might be surprised by the fact that the survey found that in-house lawyers don’t frequently comment on blogs or in discussions on social media websites. But inside counsel say they have good reason to keep their thoughts to themselves.

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