David Hyman carved his own path to the general counsel chair at Netflix

Hyman's route was both circuitous and serendipitous

Sometimes things just work out for the best. Such is the case with David Hyman. A one-time ski bum, Hyman followed the slope of life all the way to the general counsel chair at Netflix Inc. 

Growing up outside of Washington, D.C., Hyman spent his formative years in the shadow of the Capitol and eventually migrated a few hours southwest to the University of Virginia. After college, he drifted into politics, working for former Virginia Sen. Chuck Robb’s campaign before heading west to Colorado for a season to ski. Following the wintry respite, Hyman returned to Virginia to work on Don Beyer’s lieutenant governor campaign. It was at this time that an interest in policy and legislative issues spurred an interest in law school. 

Q: What’s a normal day like for you?

A: Given the growth in the company and the legal group, a normal day now is really one of working with my direct reports. I help to shepherd them along in the transactions or litigation matters they’re dealing with in a way that helps balance the business interests of the company with legal risks. That spans discussions on reviewing pleadings in various litigations, reviewing contract licensing deals and helping to understand public policy issues and what our positions and responses are to that. It’s a pretty broad array of issues that pop up on a daily basis.

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