A successful legal department is like a hockey team

In-house counsel can take a lesson from the teamwork-heavy sport

Earlier this summer, the senior leadership team at my company engaged in a series of team-building sessions. The results were phenomenal, in large part because each of the participating leaders was open to the exercises and committed to the ultimate goal of becoming a high-performing team. 

As we worked on deconstructing and improving our collaboration and communication strategies, we found the sports analogies starting to flow, and we debated which was the most analogous to our corporate goals. Were we a track team, made up of individual pole-vaulters, distance runners and sprinters whose scores would aggregate for our overall team placement? Were we a baseball team, with players in the dugout, awaiting our turn to contribute to the team cause? Were we a football team, with separate offensive and defensive units, taking their turns for the common good?

Janice Block

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