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Kodak and Apple patent dispute will remain in bankruptcy court, for now

Appleā€™s attempt to move the lawsuit to federal district court failed

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge George Daniels denied a bid from Apple Inc. to have him hear its patent quarrel with Eastman Kodak Co., and sent the technology company back to the bankruptcy court from whence it came with its tail between its legs.

The patents at issue in this particular dispute (one of many) relate to digital camera, smartphones and tablets, and come from work that the two companies did together in the 1990s. Kodak argued that Apple’s claims to the patents are time-barred, but the bankruptcy judge has yet to make a ruling.

Ever since declaring bankruptcy in January, Kodak has been hoping to sell some of its patents as part of the restructuring process. Had Apple succeeded in its attempt to transfer this patent dispute out of bankruptcy court, Kodak’s upcoming auction in August could have been in jeopardy. But Daniels said that the bankruptcy judge should at least have the opportunity to make a decision before he thinks about moving the dispute out of bankruptcy court.

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