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6 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

Jigsaw puzzles, Scientology and four more of the strangest lawsuits in the news

Irate Inmate

In 2012 alone, prison inmates have been subjected to too much soy, shoddy dental work, religious discrimination and attacks by the Kardashians. Now another inmate is suing the U.S. Bureau of Prisons for denying him access to jigsaw puzzles. Alan Burkun, who is serving a six year sentence for stock fraud, says he tried to order a puzzle from last year, but that prison officials denied his request.

Sickening Sandwich

Accidental Amputation

An Illinois* man hunting for deer became his own prey last year, when a faulty crossbow allegedly severed his thumb. Cyril Korte says he purchased the bow from Cabela’s, an outdoor gear retailer, because employees told him it was “the best and safest crossbow.” But on a November 2011 hunting trip, Korte claims that he fired the crossbow, causing the bow string to amputate his thumb.

Pregnant Parkettes

You can’t visit Pennsylvania’s Parx Casino if you’re under 21, and, according to two former cocktail waitresses, the unborn aren’t welcome either. Alycia Campiglia and Christina Aicher worked as “Parkette” cocktail waitresses at the casino until 2008, when both became pregnant. Upon learning the news, their managers reportedly told them that they could continue working, as long as they could fit into their skimpy costumes. (A company rule stipulates that Parkettes cannot deviate more than seven percent from their body weight at the time of their hiring.)

Stein Scam

Scientology Success

The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce has put the Church of Scientology back in the headlines this month, and those headlines have often been less than positive. But the church got some better news this week, winning a courtroom victory against two former employees.

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