7 notable GCs in the news

General counsel sound off about television, tobacco, Twitter and more


“Regardless of the venue, we look forward to proceeding with this case. Dish will stand behind consumers and their right to skip commercials, something they have been doing since the invention of the remote control.”

"This suit has always been about who has the authority to regulate the content of cigarette warnings. That is a power reserved to the federal government without interference or additional efforts by state and local authorities.”

--Murray Garnick, associate general counsel of Altria Group


“The court’s decision is an important one for all companies who do business with the state, because it makes clear that the state is not above the law.”


"Our decision to settle is based on our belief that MasterCard and our stakeholders are best served by an amicable resolution. Although we have strong defenses to all claims, a settlement avoids years of litigation and uncertainties that are inherent in such cases. We believe that today's settlements should resolve all issues with the merchant community."


"DuPont/Pioneer's inability to deliver a novel trait product to farmers...does not grant it the right to be above the law nor misuse another company's product for its own gain."


"Discussions about working conditions or unionism have the potential to become just as heated or controversial as discussions about politics and religion. Without further clarification of what is 'objectionable or inflammatory,' employees could reasonably construe this rule to prohibit robust but protected discussions about working conditions or unionism."


“A consistent and growing body of social science and neuroscience research findings support the conclusion that juveniles are less culpable than adults, and are entitled to different treatment in sentencing in light of their immaturity, vulnerability and changeability.”

Alanna Byrne

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