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Lawyers discuss the advantages of laptops, tablets and apps

Online Exclusive: 8 apps to help improve work-life balance

The lives of in-house attorneys continue to evolve. Once thought that life in the legal department was a peach compared to life at a law firm, that mindset—or reality—seems to be withering on the branch. Now, likely running in leaner environments, often with reduced headcounts and an emphasis on keeping more work in-house, corporate attorneys are seeing their work-life balance swing more toward that of their outside counsel brethren.

Tablet vs. Laptop

The first thing many attorneys point to these days as helping them in the courtroom, on the road or at home are tablets. With tablets, as is the trend with consumers, the iPad seems to reign supreme among lawyers. But despite their go-anywhere nature and easy form factor, concerns remain about whether tablets will ever truly evolve into a must-have tool for lawyers (see “The perks and pitfalls of tablet computers”).

Apps for That

When using a tablet or smartphone, however, there are a number of applications available that lawyers say are greatly helping to improve their work-life balance.

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